The Expedition by Simon Starling

Artist Simon Starling with puppet maker and stenographer Paul Arne Kring. Photo Liberty Paterson
Curator: Mark Sladen
Project Co-ordinator: Liberty Paterson
November 2011 – January 2012
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

In connection to Liberty’s Master in Curating Art, she held the role of project co-ordinator for Kunstall Carlottenborg’s ambitious commission of The Expedition (2011) an artwork and performance devised by Simon Starling.

The Expedition involved building an exact wooden replica of the marionette theatre from Copenhagen’s Kongens Have in Charlottenborg’s gallery. In addition, a theatre crew was appointed to create stage sets, compose music, make puppets and produce a play based on four of Starling’s previous pieces.

As project co-ordinator Liberty coordinated the different individuals and parties involved; negotiated and wrote contacts for the theatre members; took care of the budget, ordered materials and catalogued payments. The Expedition has since be purchased by the National Gallery of Denmark and is now a part of their collection.