Tattoo Exhibition

Curators: Liberty Paterson and Jon Nordstrøm
May – September 2014
Brandts Museum of Art and Visual Culture, Odense, Denmark

The large-scale exhibition “Tattoo” considered tattooing, both in a historical context and as a visual phenomenon that is a prominent feature of contemporary life. The contents of the exhibition included, historical tattooing machines, tattoo kits, a tattoo studio, where one could be tattooed and art and tattoo flash from around the world and much more. Objects for the exhibition where sourced directly from tattooists, artists, private collections, along with prison and maritime museums. The exhibition is part of a series exhibitions that aims to give an insight into to how we as individuals relate to society and how we interact with one another through visible markers of self-presentation.

Historical section of exhibition features Danish tattooists: Miss Roxy, Niels Fischer, Tattoo Peter, Tattoo Jack, Ole the Tattooist and Tattoo Jim among others.

The cultural and artistic section includes contributions from: Jacob Dahlstrup (DK), Wim Delvoye (BE), Henric Beckenäs Nielsen (SE), Bernard (DK), Douglas Gordon (UK/DE), Jan Grarup (DK), Jan S. Hansen (DK), Morten Hemmingsen (DK), Angelique Houtkamp (NL), Shelley Jackson (US), Kim Joon (KR), Henning Jørgensen (DK), Dr. Lakra (MX), Wes Lang (US), Uncle Allan (DK), Ryan McGinley (US), Dorte Naomi (DK), Jon Nordstrøm (DK), Michael Norre (DK), San Poggio (AR) og Duke Riley (US), Judd Ripley (AU/DK), Nils Vest (DK) og Amanda Wachob (US) among others.