Thesis: Making Space

Many curators recognise space as a curatorial medium in which ideas are phrased; however, very few writings address space as a tool in exhibition making and it remains an area of curatorial practise that is under theorised. In light of this critical gap the thesis MAKING SPACE: Spatial Strategies in Art Exhibitions sets out to define specific aspects of making space and explore the potential of space as a curatorial medium. The theoretical foundation for this investigation is provided by Edmund Husserl, Gilles Deleuze and FĂ©lix Guattari’s explorations of space, which are discussed in relation to tangible examples of space found in eight contemporary art exhibitions. Concepts from these two philosophies enable a number of specific spatial constructs to be defined and analysed. It is shown, that specific constructs of space not only operate to choreograph the movement of the audience in different ways, but also can be used to meaning, narratives and accentuate themes displayed in the artworks. Both the spatial constructs and the strategies for their implementation are further shaped through the formation of a set of terms which they are categorised under. In addition, this investigation bridges the theoretical and the practical to consider how the defined spatial constructs can be practically employed by presenting them as a toolbox of strategies.

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