A Surrealist Proposal

Germano Celent wrote that the Surrealists were among the few to react to the hostile and reductive environment of the white cube gallery “For them the state of contemplation was bursting with disturbances and obsessions nightmares and visions… A Surrealist exhibition was a voyage through the viscera of the unconscious rather than a walk though a void.”

While it would be logistically impossible to turn off the lights and cover the floor of Moderna Museet with dead leaves as Duchamp did when he curated The International Exposition of Surrealism, I wanted to incorporate the Surrealist’s sense of humour and absurdity into the gallery space. In order to achieve this I set out to mirror the entire space by installing a mirror floor, practically achievable, using highly polished stainless steel. The mirror floor collapses the physical dimensions of the space, no longer is it a white cube but a constantly shifting world that distorts and displaces the artworks and the viewer. The mirror also reflects the viewer providing a reference to the Surrealist’s interest in dreams and their admiration for Freud and his idea that every dream is a form of narcissism. In addition a kidney shaped space which operates as the organ of the room, showing corprial films and works internally.