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I’m a curator based in Copenhagen. This site is an archive blog where I store information and images from exhibitions I have made, along with research and writing.



Thesis: Making Space

Many curators recognise space as a curatorial medium in which ideas are phrased; however, very few writings address space as a tool in exhibition making and it remains an area of curatorial practise that is under theorised. In light of this critical gap the thesis MAKING SPACE: Spatial Strategies in Art Exhibitions sets out to define specific aspects of making space and explore the potential of space as a curatorial medium. Read More

The Expedition by Simon Starling

Artist Simon Starling with puppet maker and stenographer Paul Arne Kring. Photo Liberty Paterson
Curator: Mark Sladen
Project Co-ordinator: Liberty Paterson
November 2011 – January 2012
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

In connection to Liberty’s Master in Curating Art, she held the role of project co-ordinator for Kunstall Carlottenborg’s ambitious commission of The Expedition (2011) an artwork and performance devised by Simon Starling.

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Performanceexhibition at Magasin 3

Installation of Erik Aalto's exhibition Antidote at Magasin 3, February 2010. Photo Liberty Paterson
Curator: Richard Julin
Assistant: Liberty Paterson
Spring 2011
Magasin 3, Stockholm

During Spring 2011 the chief curator of Magasin 3 Richard Julin invited a number of artists to produce work that lands somewhere between performance and exhibition. Liberty’s role involved working closely with the artists Erik Aalto (SE) and Lundahl & Seitl (SE/UK) to realise two new performance-based works. Read More

A Surrealist Proposal

Germano Celent wrote that the Surrealists were among the few to react to the hostile and reductive environment of the white cube gallery “For them the state of contemplation was bursting with disturbances and obsessions nightmares and visions… A Surrealist exhibition was a voyage through the viscera of the unconscious rather than a walk though a void.”

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Gl Holtegaard Kunsthall, Assistant Curator 2009-2010

Liberty worked as Assistant Curator at Gl Holtegaard, a kunsthall located in an 18th century country house in Copenhagen’s northern suburbs. In a contemporary context Gl Holtegaard has exhibited, amongst others, the work of Ai Weiwei, Thea Djordjadze, Jonathan Meese, Sophie Calle, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller and Carey Young. Read More

Artes Mundi, Assistant Curator and Education Co-ordinator 2004 -2008

Sans façon - Tristan Surtees, Charles Blanc and John Metcalf, Odd Sympathies. Artes Mundi commission 2008. Photo: Stuart Bunce

Sans façon – Tristan Surtees, Charles Blanc and John Metcalf, Odd Sympathies. Artes Mundi commission 2008. Photo: Stuart Bunce

Liberty worked as Assistant Curator and Education Co-ordinator at Artes Mundi, an arts organisation which showcases the work of contemporary artists from across the world through a programme of arts activity and a biennale exhibition at the National Museum Cardiff, UK. Read More

The Suitcase Project


Curators: Liberty Paterson and Thor Nørmark-Larsen
September – October 2007
Beaver Projects, Copenhagen and The Old Library, Cardiff, Wales

The Suitcase Project involved an extended period of international collaboration between artists, curators and venues; the creation of new artworks and a cultural exchange and exhibitions. The project was developed around ideas of portability, travel and transition. Read More